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Welcome to McGlynn Gallery.

I have collected some very nice and rare pictures of Pat and displayed them here in this gallery. I cannot tell you the enjoyment I had in creating this Gallery to share.
First off I want to say that I could not have done this without the help of the following contributors:

Super Special Thanks Go To:

- Sandy, RollerWorld, who is sharing a bus load of Pat pictures here. Sandy you are a sweetheart.

- Faith, who heads up RollerFest, an exciting event that will take place in August of this year. Faithy, you are a love and much appreciated.

- Nikii, Shan Lang, who has been an inspiration and a sheer delight in getting to know.

- Elke, who is a devoted BCR fan and a sweet blessing. Fuer Die Bilder. Sie Sind Sehr Nett.

- Tomoko, who is a doll for supplying wonderful pictures of Pat!

- Jacky, Danke fuer Ihre Hilfe! You are a very sweet person.

If I missed anyone, I apologize.

You will find yourself clicking many times your mouse.
Why you ask?
Because I devoted one picture per page.
Again, you ask "why?"
In order that you can drool over each picture one at a time and relive those happy memories.

So gals and even guys,
grab those hankys, tissues, toilet paper, newspaper,whatever to catch the drool and
enjoy the next 10 minutes, 15 minutes or however long it takes you,
as your roll on down memory lane with Pat McGlynn!
Bathroom breaks are permitted.
There will be a short intermission.


GGG 2007