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Bay City Rollers

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Here is yet another quiz for you to test your Bay City Roller memories. Try and answer the questions before looking at the answers below. You are really going to have to dredge some memory facts from your brain, as some of these questions are hard. Believe me, I could not answer all of them. Have Fun!!

1. Name the subject Woody hated most at school?
2. What are the names of Alan and Derek's two younger sisters?
3. Which Bay City Roller went to Liberton Secondary School and captained the Rugger XV?
4. What is the B side of Manana?
5. When did the boys do their first tour of Japan?
6. Which Bay City Roller is handy with a sewing kit and designed the group's first stage outfits?
7. When Alan first announced he was leaving the group, who persuaded him to stay on?
8. Who showed the boys around the White House in Washington on June 25, 1976?
9. Which Bay City Roller likes/liked Kermit the Frog?
10. Which song off the "It's A Game" album/CD is referred to by the boys as the 'Zen Song'?
11. What kind of house did Eric and Woody buy in 1975?
12. Which American city has a big mural of the Rollers painted on a wall?
13. In which year did Alan and Derek start The Saxons?
14. When is Woody's birthday?
15. What was the title of Alan's first solo single?
16. Where did the Roller record "It's A Game?"
17. Which Roller confessed he is scared to fly?
18. Which Roller designed his own guitar with the head shaped like a horse's head?
19. Who nearly lost his trousers at the Empire Theatre. Liverpool, in September 1976?


1. Math
2. Alice and Betty
3. Eric
4. Because I Love You
5. December 1976
6. Eric
7. The Roller Fans!
8. Astronaut John Glenn
9. Derek
10.Love Fever
12.Bay City, Michigan
14.February 25, 1957
15.I'm Confessing

Answers taken from The Official Bay City Rollers Magazine.


© 1999 by GGG