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Bay City Rollers

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Bay City Rollers songs and chords

Songs From Once Upon A Star Album


La, (G)La, La, La, La, La, La, La, La,
(Em)La, La, La, La, La, La, La, La, La,
(C)La, La, La, La, La, La, La, La, La, (D) Ah Ah
(G)So far another year,
(Gmaj7)Face upon the wall now is it (C)really you,
You (Cm)turn but no ones (G)there, (D)
(G)Lights now the scene is set,
(Gmaj7)The final act the end of one who
(C)loved and gave,
Took (Cm)nothin' in (G)return,
(G)And(F#m)as(Em)the curtain falls you (Am)hear,
them call for more,(Am)(Em)
(D)But in your heart you know (C)it's (A)over, it's over,

(G)Woh (Gmaj7)oh don't (Em)let it bring you (Emy)down,
(C)You made them laugh you (Cm)made them cry (G)you (D)know,
(G)Woh (Gmaj7)oh, and (Em)when the lights are (Em7)low,
In (Am)their eyes you'll (Am7)always (Am)be a (C)star.

(G)Remember those were the days,
(Gmaj7)Your name in lights up in the stars,
Your (C)friends all drinking (Cm)champagne,
From your (G)hands, (D)
Now (G) that was only yesterday,
(Gmaj7)Well so it seems but still the years have (C)passed you by.
(Cm)The times have changed so (G) fast,
(G)Now (F#m)(Em)memories and Norma (Am)Jean blues
in the (Am)night,(Em)
(D)And all thats left of (C)(A)yesterday, yesterday.

(G)(E)(F)(Bb)(D)(Gmaj7)(E)(Bb)Star(C)(D)Star, Star



(Dm)Downtown Brooklyn there's a party goin' on,
If there's a party he'll be dancin' all night long,
The hi fi sky fly playin' music in his soul,
The Disco Kid keeps dancin' on now watch him go,
(F7)He'll make you feel good,
(E7)He'll shake you now,
(F7)He'll make you move now,

(Dm)Here he comes, (Here he comes)
(C)Here comes the disco (Dm)kid,
(Dm)Here he comes, (Here he comes)
(C)Here comes the disco (Dm)kid.
(Dm)He's the one, (He's the one)
(C)They call the disco (Dm)kid.

(Dm)The discoteques are where you'll find him in the night,
You'll see him dancin' there now movin' fast as light,
The sky fi hi fly playin' music in his head,
The disco kids the king of all the discoteques,
(F7)He'll make you feel,
(E7)He'll shake you now,
(F7)He'll make you move now,

(Dm)He'll make you, He'll shake you,
Wow here (C) comes the Disco (Dm) Kid,
(Dm)He's the one, (He's the one)
They (C) call the Disco (Dm) Kid.



(A)Aah, Aah (Sha La La Sha (F#m) La Sha Do Wa)
(D)Aah, Aah (Sha La La Sha La (E)Sha Do Wa)
(A)They tried to say it's just a (D)teenage love affair,
Angel (E) Baby, Angel (A) Baby,
(A)But they don't understand my (D) love for you is true,
Baby it's (E)you, baby it's (A) you,

(E)Cause Angel (A) Baby, (Sha La La Sha La Sha Do Wa)
(A)We (C#m)gotta love (F#m)you just can't hide,
(F#m)Angel Baby, (Bm) (Sha La La Sha La Sha Do Wa)
My love is (E) burnin' deep inside,
(E)Angel (A)Baby,
(A)Your (C#m)the girl (F#m)I've waited for,
(F#m)Angel (Bm) Baby,
Say you'll (E) always shine your angel eyes on (A) me.

(A)They said our love was just a (D) game that we would loose,
Angel (E) Baby, (Sha La La Sha La Sha Do Wa) Angel (A) Baby,
(A) They tried to say I never (D) loved you but I do,
Baby it's (E) you, baby it's (A) you, (E)

(A)And you know darlin' that every time I heard them say
Our love would (F#m) die,
It (D) only made me love you more each day,
I (E) love you Angel Baby,



(F)Why must my teenage heart keep (Am)sharing you, (Abm)
(Gm)Why must my teenage heart feel (C)blue, (C2)(C)
(F)And if I spend my whole life (Am)sharing you,(Abm)
(Gm)My teenage heart will still be (C)true, (C2)(C)(C7)
(C7)But when you're (F)by his side my (F+)foolish pride,
(Bb)Won't let my feelings (Bbm)through,
Cause you're (F)breakin' my (G)teenage (C)heart in (F)two.

(F)I know one day I won't be (Am)sharing you, (Abm)
(Gm)I know someday I'll be with (C)you,(C2)(C)
(F)Till then my teenage heart will (Am)wait for you(Abm)
(Gm)My teenage love will still be (C)true, (C2)(C)(C7)
(C7)But when you're (F) by his side my (F+) foolish pride,
Won't (Bb) let my feelings (Bbm)through,
Cause your (F)breakin' my (Gm)teenage (C) heart in (F)two,
(Dm)Yes you are,
You're (F)breakin' my (Gm)teenage (C) heart in (F) two.



(G)Feel the (Gmaj7) air this (Em)night is for (Em7) romance,
(Am)Taste the (Am7) wine La(D7)Belle Jeane lets (D) dance.
(G)On and (Gmaj7)on, the (Em)magic lingers (Em7) on,
(Am)Through the (Am7)night a (D7) memory when you're (D) gone,
(C)You are a lady, you (G) dance like a dream at (D)monmatre,
In the night when the (G)lights (Am)are (G)low,
(C)Paris by moonlight you (G)shine out like starbright,
(D)Jeane, Jeane, Jeane, Jeane,

(G)Oh La Na Na La Belle (Am) Jeane,
(C)Silently (Cmaj7)spinning you (D) dance the night away,
(G)Oh La Na Na La Belle (Am)Jeane,
My (C) love for you (Cmaj7)burning I (D) need you more each day,
(Cmaj7)Jeane, Jeane, Jeane, Jeane,
(Gmaj7)Ah La Belle Jeane,
(Cmaj7)Jeane, Jeane, Jeane,
(Gmaj7)Ah Ah Ah Ah



(Bb)Oh you (Cm) dream of a silver stallion,
Riding (Bb) high on the stars above,
And then a (Cm) knight of love
(Eb)Comes and carries (F) you (Bb)away,
Then you (Cm)dream of a thousand faces
Watchin' (Bb)you on a silver (Gm) screen,
And then the (Cm) morning comes
(Eb)Chasin' all your (F) dreams (Bb)away.

(Bb)And I say (Eb) oh Marlina(Bb)
(F)Who you gonna be (Bb) today,
(Eb)Oh Marlina(Bb)
(Cm)Don't you know, Your (Eb)gonna dream your (F)life away (Bb)

(Bb)Oh you (Cm)dream of a deep blue ocean,
On the (Bb) shores of the seven seas,
And then (Cm)you sail the wind,
(Eb)Riding on a (F)silver (Bb)wave.
Then you (Cm)dream of a Golden City
In the (Bb)land of a prince so (Gm)fair,
And then (Cm)the eyes of love
(Eb)Turn into (F)another (Bb)day.



(E)Hey! (B)Beautiful (A2)Dreamer(B),
(E)Dream(B)your(A2)life away,(B)
(G)Look in your (D)eyes
(G)No one is (D) there,
(G)Beautiful (D)Dreamer do you (A)care(E)

(B)Love is the (A2)only (B)thing,
Love is (E)you La
You are (B) love La
Love is (A2)all.


(G)How can you (D)feel,
(G)Nothin' is (D)real,
(G)Beautiful (D)Dreamer are you (A)there,(E)
(B)Beautiful (A)Dreamer,(B)
(E)Hey! (B)Beautiful (A2)Dreamer,(B) 3x



(Cmaj7)It's the way (Fmaj7)that you share your love with me girl,
The little things (Cmaj7) you say,
It's the way (Fmaj7)that you smile when I see you smile,
I need you (Cmaj7) more each day.
(Dm7)And if the words I say are (Cmaj7)lost in time,
(Then you will find)
(Dm7)My love for you girl will always be (Em7)there.

It's for (Cmaj7) you, (La La La) Just for (Fmaj7) you, (La La La)
Oh I (Cmaj7) do, (La La La) yes I (Fmaj7) do, (La La La),
Love(Cmaj7) you.

When ever (Fmaj7)I'm by your side my love I can't hide,
Your all life (Cmaj7) is to me,
And if my (Fmaj7) love ever died the rivers run dry,
How could it (Cmaj7) ever be.
(Dm7)And if the words I say are (Cmaj7) lost in time,
(Then you will find)
(Dm7)My love for you will always be (Em7) there.



(D)You may not feel, (Bm)that she means so much to you,
(Em)But when she's gone you'll be (A)cryin'.
(G)(F#m)If you(Em)don't treat her right you will lose (D)her,
(G)(F#m)You're(Em)not the only boy she (D)knows,
(Em)(F#7)She'll(G)leave you wait and see now,
(Em)She'll leave you there and you'll be (A)cryin'.

And she'll (D)be cryin' over (Em) you, (A)(Baby, Baby),
Yea she'll be (D)cryin' her (Em)heart for you, (A)(Baby, Baby),
And when the (D) tears start to (D+)fall when she's (G) gone,
You'll be (A) cryin' over (D)her.

(G)(F#m)She (Em)said that she would never (D)leave you,
(G)(F#m)She (Em)said that love was here to (D)stay,
(Em)(F#m)But(G) don't you realize now,
(Em)Her love was strong but now it's (A) dying.


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