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Bay City Rollers

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Bay City Rollers songs and chords

Songs From Dedication Album


I (D) don't know what it is that makes me (Bm)love you so.
I (D) only know I never wanna (Bm) let you go.
‘Cos (G) you started (A7) something, (Em) can't you (A7) see.
(D)Ever since we met you've had a (Bm) hold on me.
It (G) happens to be (A7) true,
I (Em) only want to (A7) be with (D) you.

It (D) doesn't matter where you go or(Bm) what you do.
I (D)wanna spend each moment of the(Bm) day with you.
(G)Look what has (A7) happened (Em)with just one (A7)kiss.
(D)I never knew that I could be in (Bm) love like this.
It's (G)crazy but it' s(A7) true,
I (Em)only want to (A7) be with (D) you.

(B)You stopped and smiled at me,
(D)Asked me if I'd (G) care to (D) dance.
(A)I fell into your open arms,
(E7) I didn't stand a (A) chance.
Now, (A7) listen, honey,

I (D) just wanna be beside you (Bm)everywhere.
As (D) long as we're together, honey, (Bm)I don't care.
‘Cos (G) you started (A7) something, (Em)can't you(A7) see.
(D)Ever since we met you've had a (Bm) hold on me.
No(G) matter what you (A7) do,
I (Em)only want to (A7)be with (D)you.



(E)Well it's been building up inside of me for oh,
(A)I don't know how (B) long.
(E)I don't know why, but I keep thinkin'
(A)Somethin's bound to (B)go wrong.
(F#m7)But she looks (B7) in my eyes
(G#m7)And makes me (C#7) realize

When she (F#) says don't worry baby Don't worry (G#m7) baby (don't worry (C#7sus4) baby (C#7)
Everything will turn (F#) out all right (don't worry baby)
Don't worry (G#m7) baby (don't worry (C#7sus4) baby (C#7)
(B7sus4) Ooh....(B7)Ooh

(E)I know I should've kept my mouth shut
(A)When I started to brag about my (B) car
(E)But I can't back down now,
(A)Cause I've pushed the other guys to (B) far.
(F#m7)She makes me come (B7) alive.
(G#m7)And makes me wanna (C#7) cry.



(C) I phoned the local station.
(F) I kinda like the things they're playin'.
(G) So I settled down to (F) listen nice and (C) easy.
(C) The DJ plays our kind of music.
(F) He's asked us folk to choose it.
(G) But it all adds up to (F) another night (C) without you.

(C) Now and then he takes a phone-in.
(F) And anyone who's feelin' lonely.
(G) Can call him up and make a (F) little (C) conversation.
(C) And in the night there's music playin.'
(F) Soft behind the words he's sayin'
(G) Would I like to (F) make a (C) dedication.

(F) This song I wanna (G) dedicate to (C) you.
And to (F) everyone who (G) feels the way we (C) do.
As (F) long as you're (F) apart of me.
The (Em) song will play on (Am) endlessly.
(F) I hope my dedication's getting (C) thru.

(C) I'm standing in this lonely city.
(F) There's not enough to keep me busy.
(G) And we can't meet till I (F) take a short (C) vacation.
(C) You'll never know how much I love you.
(F) Lying here thinking of you.
(G)And all I got is a (F) late night music (C) station.



(G) I can't (F/G) sleep nights,
(Am) Wishing you were (Bm) here (C) beside (Cadd D/A) me.
(G) Can't help (F/G) feelin',
(Am7) That's the way it (D7) ought to (G) be.
You know we could (B7/D#) run ( run, run (Em) away,)
But I couldn't (D7/F#) bear to (G) hear the (B) things
They'd (C) say, (Am7) oh (Am7/D) no.

Baby, (G) let's pretend that (Bm) tonight could live (C) forever (B)(Am7)
If we (FaddG) close our eyes and (Am7/D) believe it
(D7) might come (G) true, (CaddD) (D)
Baby, (G) let's pretend we could (Bm) always be (C) together (B)(Am7)
But, for (FaddG) now just let me (Am7/D) spend the
(D7) night with (B7) you.

(G) Somehow, (F/G) someday
(Am) Things are gonna (Bm) be so (C) different. (G)Don't cry (F/G) some way,
(Am7) I promise it'll (D7) be all (G) right.
So now (B7/D#) that we're all (Em) alone
I couldn't (D7/F#) bear to (G) leave to (B) take you(C) home,
(Am7) oh (Am7/D) no.

So take me (C) now, my love can't (B7sus4)(B7) wait.
We're almost (Em) there now, (G7/D) darlin', darlin'
(C) Hold me, (hold me), (Am) hold me (hold me)
(FaddG) Ho-oh-old (D7sus4) me.


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